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Ask Jim Part 4: HUMMER Dealers

In 2002, General Motors awarded the HUMMER franchise to a handful of top-tier dealers that had strong reputations for customer service and sales success. As HUMMER becomes independent and grows its international presence, several have questions about their local dealerships, and HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor answered their questions. Check back …

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Ask Jim Part 3: New HUMMER Brand Ownership

When the HUMMER brand becomes independent from GM, it will also be getting a new parent company in China’s Sichuan Tengzhong . While the new ownership will essentially allow HUMMER to operate as an independent U.S. company making its own decisions, some may still be uneasy about having the parent …

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Live Video: Bob Lutz’s Speech at the LA Auto Show

Bob Lutz stepped in to deliver GM’s keynote speech Wednesday from the LA Auto Show after the automaker ousted its CEO Fritz Henderson on Tuesday. After a lengthy intro, Lutz announced that he would not be taking any questions about the “real story” behind Henderson’s departure, and joked that everyone …

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HUMMER’s New Business Model to be Leaner, Faster


One good thing about buying a General Motors vehicle is that you know every single piece of the vehicle has undergone extensive tests for durability and performance. Unfortunately, the way GM conducts that process can take several years which significantly slows down the release of new features and new vehicles. …

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