100 MPG Hybrid HUMMER H3 to Unveil in Detroit

2008 HUMMER H3 Alpha Solar Flare

The Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress (sounds prestigious!) is set to meet next week in Detroit, and among the vehicles on display will be a hybrid HUMMER H3 that gets over 100 MPG.

The Hybrid HUMMER is a project between advanced powertrain maker FEV Inc and Utah-based Raser Technologies. The H3 is being called a “Range-Extended Electric Vehicle,” or H3 ReEV for short, and is the first full-size SUV to be fitted with the new powertrain.

The H3 ReEV reportedly runs for 40 miles before three lithium-ion batteries must be recharged. If it goes beyond that, the vehicle is able to travel another 400 miles by producing its own electricity. At night, simply plug the vehicle in and by morning you’ll be good to go by morning.

“Our goal in exhibiting this particular vehicle is to demonstrate that electric vehicle technology is a viable solution for a variety of vehicle platforms,” said Gary Rogers, President of FEV. “Needs of consumers will continue to vary, and the Hummer range-extended electric vehicle shows that fuel economy does not necessarily mean sacrificing power and utility.”

While this is sounds like a great idea, the cost of implementing such technology in an SUV is noticeably absent from the press releases. Even though you won’t see an H3 like this rolling off the assembly line anytime soon, it’s still exciting to see the possibilities future technology could bring to purpose-built vehicles like the HUMMER.

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  1. I’m laeve in florida how can I buy Electric Hummer h3 gets 100 mpg?
    Please I need immediate reponce

  2. These electric HUMMERs are not currently for sale.