2007 Hummer H3 Tactical Limited Edition

2007 Hummer H3 Tactical Limited Edition
We now have more information, and more importantly pictures, of the newest limited edition from Hummer – and the first limited edition in the H3. The Hummer H3 Tactical limited edition will have black 16 wheels. It’s a unique design since they are wheels that are normally only available in chrome, thus making it more difficult (and expensive) to have a black wheel of that design custom made in the aftermarket. We also really like the design of the new spare tire cover which will come standard on the tactical edition. A body-color grille and a black brush guard round out the added options. The limited edition Hummer H3 will only come in three colors: Red, Boulder Gray, and Black. One other thing we were impressed with was the price tag, with equipped vehicles starting just under $33,000. The only downfall we saw is that the package is not compatible with the off-road suspension package with the locking rear differential and 33inch tires. However, we suggest customers just add 33inch tires, and take a lesson in brake-throttle modulation. Problem solved!

What we like the MOST about this model doesn’t have anything to do with the actual model at all. We like the fact Hummer is showing that they understand the folks who don’t want chrome all over their vehicle. We can’t wait to see how this new approach works on the H2…..
2007 Hummer H3 Tactical Edition Limited

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  1. georgieboysobota

    just some more information sent to me by GM personally;
    It features, body-color grille, black wrap around brush guard, blacktubular assist steps, black spare tire cover, and is available in Boulder Gray,
    Black or Victory Red. The H3 Tactical Edition is a very limited production vehicle.

  2. Is that tire cover completely hard plastic, or is it like their other ones (hard on the outside and soft/stretchy vinyl?

    Anyone know a part number? My Hummer is all black except for my tire cover which says “HUMMER H3”. With this cover, I would be really all stealth =)