2008 Hummer Exterior & Interior Colors

2008 Hummer H2 Graystone
We now can confirm that there will be several colors discontinued, and new colors coming, in the 2008 Hummer lineup. We knew that yellow was a goner for H2 and H3, and twilight maroon metallic’s demise was no surprise. However, it is now official that the H2 will discontinue one of its most popular colors: Pewter. In its place will be a color called “Graystone Metallic” – a very similar color (see above picture). It looks more silver and a little bit darker than its pewter predecessor. Also new for 2008 Hummer H2s is “Solar Flare Metallic” (see below) – the color is reminiscent of the “Sunset Orange” color from the 03 – 04 era.

The H3 loses slate blue, and gains Graphite Metallic – a similar color, but darker and with less blue tinge to it. The H3x gets a new color all its own – Carbon Flash Metallic. This color reminds me a lot of the metallic black color that was available on the 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha. It doesn’t appear that they’re continuing to offer the Desert Orange color in the H3x, but will continue with the Sonoma Red Metallic.

Interiors will stay the same on the H3 – three leather choices (Ebony, Cashmere, and Ebony/Morocco), and 3 cloth choices (Ebony, Cashmere/Ebony, and Red). The H2 will no longer have wheat interior in its adventure or base models – ebony will be the new standard. The new brownish color you’ve been seeing in some of the 2008 Hummer H2 pictures is called Brick, and will have ebony piping and interior accents.

I think The new colors will look good – I’m especially excited about the Graystone Metallic in the H2s – nice color!

2008 Hummer H2 Solar Flare

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  1. This looks like good Colors are coming to Hummer. I like the new Graystone. Are they keeping the Slate Blue on the H2, that’s my favorite Color.:D Mike