2009 Flex-Fuel HUMMER H2 Debuts in Texas

2009 Hummer H2 flex fuel E85

This morning, we were on hand when HUMMER announced their 2009 H2 lineup will be E85-capable, helping make good on their commitment to offer biofuel powertrains in every model they build by the end of 2010. Alternative fuels can be tricky with a brand like HUMMER due to their strict off-road requirements, but the new E85 capable vehicles are showing that HUMMER is committed finding solutions. “A Hummer’s off-road capability and care for the environment are in no way mutually exclusive. This is simply one more step in our effort to promote responsible adventure,” said HUMMER’s General Manager Martin Walsh.

2009 Hummer H2 Flex Fuel E85 Ethanol E85 consists of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, and is a cleaner-burning, less polluting fuel source. Right now ethanol is primarily made from corn, but there are several promising scientific endeavors underway to create ethanol from non food-based sources. GM has partnered with Coskata, one of the companies leading cellulosic ethanol research and production.

The 2009 E85 HUMMER H2 announcement came as Classic Chevrolet/HUMMER opened the first dealership-owned E85 fuel station in the country. To help raise awareness for the new pumps and E85 technology, General Motors sponsored a two-hour event in which flex-fuel customers could fill up at 85 cents a gallon, compared to the normal E85 price of $2.74 per gallon.

“There’s no telling where this might lead,” said Larry Burns, GM vice president of Research & Development and Strategic Planning. “We have to keep looking for ways to improve the overall ownership experience of our customers.”

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  1. georgieboysobota

    they should really consider putting the H2H into production, that would satisfy the Eco Maniacs.

  2. I want the H2 Suv with flex fuel. Maybe they can still have build a car (H2 Suv) available. I don’t want a H3.