2009 HUMMER H3T and H3 SUV Off-Road in Moab – Video!

Earlier this month the HUMMER H3T in production form made its off-road debut in Moab. The team from Igotshotgun.com was along to capture some first impressions. Mike Levine of pickuptruck.com reviews some of the highlights from the trip. Enjoy!

2009 HUMMER H3T at Moab Hell’s Revenge

Stock HUMMERS climb Utah’s Hell’s Revenge

HUMMER H3 Alpha tackles Moab Hell’s Revenge ESCALATOR!!

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  1. georgieboysobota

    i need to go to Moab.

  2. I am buying one tomorrow, i currently have the 5 cylinder 2007 luxury edition. Love the video footage we need more of the H3.