2009 HUMMER H3T Spotted in Las Vegas

Tue, May 13, 2008

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2009 HUMMER H3T White Red Rock Las Vegas

The 2009 HUMMER H3T made a rare, out-of-auto-show appearance last week at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. The hotel was hosting General Motors’ “fleet and commercial show,” and one of the bartenders at the resort snapped these pictures. GM had some other new vehicles on display including the ZR1 Corvette and the Chevy Camaro.

It looks like someone wanted to test out the HUMMER H3T’s water fording capability in the resort’s pool! For the record – it’s capable of fording 24 inches. The H3T looks like it is equipped with a GM accessory wheel that we haven’t seen before, but will likely be available through dealerships.

2009 HUMMER H3T White Red Rock Las Vegas Pool

6 Responses to “2009 HUMMER H3T Spotted in Las Vegas”

  1. georgieboysobota Says:

    matter of opinion but thats the sweetest looking HUMMER yet, can’t wait for it to hit the dealers.

  2. offroader613 Says:

    The wheels are shown as an available accessory for the H3 on Hummer’s website.

  3. georgieboysobota Says:

    as far as i can see all of the accessories on this H3T are currently available for th H3 except the new H3T side steps, which look awsome!

  4. offroader613 Says:

    And the bed cover of course.

  5. hummer Says:

    Will those steps be available for the H3? I want them!

  6. admin Says:

    The steps probably wont be available for some time for the H3 SUV — those are specifically designed for the longer wheelbase of the H3T. If they sell a ton, they may consider changing up the SUV version.