$38,000 Hummer H3…Golf Cart?

Tue, Dec 26, 2006

Hummer News

Hummer H3 Golf Cart
We’ve seen Hummer golf carts before, but this one probably takes the cake as far as price goes. The Hummer H3 golf cart includes a stereo, bucket seats, coolers, chrome grille and alloy wheels. The price seems a bit steep, since you can get all those options (minus the cooler), plus windows, air conditioning, and a warranty for about 8 grand less with a REAL Hummer H3. However, I don’t think they’ll let you traverse the golf course in it – is it worth it to you?

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  1. […] remember them as the builders of the two $38,000 golf carts we featured on the site a while ago (first here, second here). Now they have exceeded that amount with a customized HUMMER golf cart that will run […]