HUMMER Golf Cart Takes Customization to New Level

The crew at Bad Ass Golf Carts may have outdone themselves this time. You may remember them as the builders of the two $38,000 golf carts we featured on the site a while ago (first here, second here). Now they have exceeded that amount with a customized HUMMER golf cart that will run you a cool $55,000.

The cart comes equipped with an incredible sound system (audiophiles see the stats below) with 5 TVs and touch screen display, a slide-out roof to cover the rear passengers in case of rain, run-flat tires, a winch, and more.

Bad Ass Golf Carts didn’t build this with the hopes of selling it in the future – it was already pre-sold to an anonymous shopper for use on his private island.

Dear Anonymous:

Do your new rig justice and let us visit the island and give it a proper review and photo shoot. If we stay free, you stay anonymous.


Hummer Guy

Now that we have that bit of business out of the way, check out the gallery and full stats below.

Full stats after the jump.


Full Security system
Remote opening hood
Remote Stereo controls
Remote Strobe light control
4 Extra Batteries and charger to power Stereo and lights..
Custom 18″ Wheels with Run-Flat tires,
Custom Red Leather seats with White Piping,
A winch in front (just in case) with a custom cover,
Custom Hood vents.
Upgraded Motor and Controller (top speed approx 35 Mph)
Custom slide out rear roof to cover rear passengers
5 panel rear view mirror, painted to match
Custom painted bumpers
Custom Center console for Stereo, and speedometer
Custom armrest with storage
Custom Red Carbon fiber dash panels, and glove box
Custom Chrome, and red leather wrapped steering wheel
Extended rear seat bottoms for more comfort
Custom Grille Inserts and Billet Gas cap cover
Chrome Side Brush guards
Single Point Battery Filling system
Tilt steering wheel
Dual 12 volt power points
Front aluminum skid plate
Billet pedals with rubber non-slip inserts


Pioneer AVH-P6000 DVD player with 7” touch screen display,
Two 7” visor monitors
Two 7” headrest monitors
Two Image Dynamics IDQ10D2V3 (12” subwoofers – one mounted under hood, one mounted behind front seats)
Two Image Dynamics Q700.2 Amps
One Image Dynamics Q1200.1 Amplifier mounted behind front seats
Three sets of the Dynaudio 220V Esotec System
5 TV’s

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  1. Nice bling rims. This is what gives Hummer a bad name and has made it the laughing stock it is today.

  2. Don’t agree that HUMMER is a laughing stock. I do believe it is about making it your own, and while I prefer this look, there are those that prefer a different style.

    To each their own.

  3. Not bashing Hummer at all. I like them actually. I am a Jeep Wrangler owner but am keeping my eye on the Hummer HX development because it looks so cool. What I am saying is, Hummer had/has A LOT of potential as a brand. The bling-bling/rapper/g-money image is what got Hummer to the position its in now. If they had focused more on the military/off road heritage the brand would be much better off and a strong competitor to Jeep.

  4. Yeah, I’d think I’d use that money and buy a real hummer and just drive it on the Golf Course.

    Just sayin’.

  5. Hellbound,
    Hummer has focused on the offroad heritage. Have you ever seen a Hummer ad that showed a Hummer driving in a mall lot with 24″s on it??

    Blingers from pro sports teams gave Hummer the bling look, but that was sooo 2004.

    As for what got Hummer in the position it is in now: Well that is all on external pressures. Consumers want more economical rides, and so Hummer (and Jeep sales too I believe) have floundered. Don’t come here and spew bad info saying Hummer sales are sinking because the Hummer brand focused on bling. That is like me saying Jeep completely attempted to copy the H2 with the Commander and the H3 with the Unlimited. We all know THAT isn’t the case…

  6. We build costom carts.That cart is way overpriced.Should be called badass overpriced carts.Same cart half the price.

  7. The Commander, lol.

    It looks like a Rover wanna be.

  8. HA_VT,

    No reason to get all defensive. Im no fan of the commander either however actually Jeep sales are the only thing booming for Chrysler. The Wrangler is a cash cow.

    Maybe you did not read my post entirely.. I said I LIKE the Hummer. However, commercials or not Hummer has not done much to push its off road image. Chrome mirrors, chrome grille and leather seats are really not suited for the off road crowd.

    The HX is great because it gets it right. Its bare bones with removable doors and a rubber floor.

    There is a reason celebs are not putting 22 inch spinners on Wranglers, because it is not a LUXURY vehicle. Its a bare bones off roader. I think if Hummer heads in that direction, now that they are free of GM they could really make the brand great.

  9. Touchee Hellbound. Good points.

    I look forward to the Hx as much as anyone!

  10. Whoooo there Hellbound! What do you mean chrome mirrors, grill and leather seats are not really suited for the off road crowd?? I’ll wheel my 3 with ANY rig ANY day, with the heated leather seats on when it’s cold.
    My 4-lo and lockers have moved me along on all of my off-road trips because my truck cruises the most difficult trails, not the mall. I haven’t had any issues with my chrome mirrors or grill holding me up on a trail; not sure why chrome on a trail should be an issue???
    I’ve seen and wheeled with more pretty Jeeps than I care to count.
    It’s ignorance and stereotypes that cast bad shadow’s on the HUMMER image. If you want to be more informed on the HUMMER lifestyle, I recommend checking out the Club HUMMER Off Road forum ( and seeing what real HUMMER drivers do with their rides. I also invite you to join any of the next CHO HUMMER trail rides, either east or west coast. Bring your Jeep, we do not discriminate just because you don’t have chrome or leather.