7-Eleven Off-Road Adventure in HUMMER H3

Hummer H3 7-eleven
We’re always looking for new places to off-road, but we hadn’t thought about our neighborhood 7-Eleven. According to a Herold-Mail.com report, a HUMMER H3 “drifted” from a 7-Eleven parking lot while the store’s co-owner was behind the wheel. The vehicle ramped up on a trash can and broke through the storefront window. No one was hurt, and the HUMMER looks ready to backup and take on another convenience store!

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  1. i can see the damage to the store but the HUMMER is practically unscratched!

    By the way, i don’t live in America but i’m guessing that 7-Eleven is like a store chain?

  2. Yeah, 7-Eleven is a convience store chain hear.