700 HP Hummer H2 Police Car a Fake?

Thu, May 11, 2006

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Hummer H2 Sheriff
Did geigercars really produce a 700 HP Hummer H2? Probably. Was it for a Texas county sheriff? Probably not. Online discussion points out that 1) Tax payers (even in Texas!) wouldn’t go for such an expense — look at those wheels! 2) There’s no name of the county on the entire vehicle — have you ever seen a police car without the name of the town or county? 3) The front doors look like they have a white magnet on them, similar to the camouflage magnets hunters use on their H2s to protect from branch scrapes. Overall a cool/fast truck, but as the reality of it being buzzing around Texas, I’m not so sure…

One Response to “700 HP Hummer H2 Police Car a Fake?”

  1. Hootride Hummers Says:

    Wow check out the Super Sleuth Hummer Guy! I bought it, and posted it on my site. Wonder how many other people bought it?

    Those tires do look sweet though 😉