$875,000 Discovered in HUMMER Limo

white hummer limo

Wouldn’t it be nice if you happened to buy a HUMMER limo at an auction for around $85,000 only to find out there’s 10 times that amount in cash hidden in the seats? The owners of one limo weren’t so lucky, since narcotics detectives in Atlanta were tipped off to the $875,000 stashed in the vehicle before the owners even had a clue.

The limo had belonged to a group called the Black Mafia Family, and had been left the HUMMER limo behind prior to a raid. Their reason? A car was blocking it in, and they couldn’t find the keys. For nearly a million dollars, don’t you think you may have figured out a way to move it?

Perhaps there wasn’t time before authorities arrived, but there was plenty of time before the loot was discovered. The limo had changed hands several times before ending up with an Atlanta limo company shuttling high school seniors to proms.

Seven brand new semi-automatic weapons were also found in addition to the cash.

Source: AJC.com

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