AM General Confirms HUMVEE C-Series Kit Car, Reveals Pictures, Opens Ordering

Humvee C Series Kit Car AM General Humvee C Series Kit Car AM General
Would you like your HUMVEE in Khaki, Green, or Sand?

Nearly three months to the day, AM General is making official the (previously “speculated”) story of their first civilian offering in over a decade: The HUMVEE C-Series Kit Car. According to the official release, the C-Series will share many parts with the military HUMVEE body and chassis, but keeping with the kit-car theme, sourcing the powertrain will be up to the purchaser.

Kit availability is slated for spring of next year, and the first 50 orders are required to put down a 10% refundable reservation fee, which is determined by which options you add to the $59,995 base price. The initial group of 50 are guaranteed the pricing wont change (the price could go up in subsequent production runs), and the vehicles will include a small placard indicating the kit was one of the very first. AM General did something similar with the first first civilian HUMMERs in the early 90s.

AM General has also indicated that prototype kits will be available to view at “major off–road events and national automotive component conventions during the fall of this year.” (e.g. SEMA starts today…but AM General says they only have reps there, no kit car)

According to the order form (download here), AM General is still determining whether or not the kit car offering is viable, and may need to return the reservation fees if there isn’t enough interest (orders) by early next year.

As suspected, HUMVEE C-Series Kit Options include:

Centeral Tire Inflation System (CTIS) Only – $1,611
CTIS w/ Wheels Only – $5,584
CTIS w/ Wheels & Tires with Beadlocks – $6,964
12,000# Winch – $2,249
Driveline Protection – $985
Aluminum Rocker Panel Protection – $701
Geared Fan Drive (required for engines over 220 HP) – $3,588
Heated Windsheild – $946
Front and Rear Differential upgrade to Eaton Elocker: $2,452

Humvee C-Series Kit Warranty

One of the big questions surrounding the C-Series was the warranty, and it appears that it will be 12 months for both vehicle components and additional accessories. Because it is a kit car, and not a fully operational vehicle, only the part will be covered – labor costs will not be reimbursed.

More Pictures and Full press release after the jump.

AM General Humvee C-Series Kit Car

AM General Humvee C-Series Kit Car

AM General Humvee C-Series Kit Car

AM General Humvee C-Series Kit Car

AM General Humvee C-Series Kit Car Color Options
Full Press Release:

AM General to Offer HUMVEE® Kit to Civilian Market

SOUTH BEND, Ind., Oct. 30, 2012 – AM General today announced the launch of a new program to sell civilian HUMVEE kits comprised of certain military-style HUMVEE body and chassis components minus the powertrain. Initial orders for this one-of-a-kind kit are now being taken at the newly launched HUMVEE C-Series web site,, for the base price of $59,995.00.

The HUMVEE C-Series Kit will offer the best in industry mobility technology with a host of off-road ready options, including AM General’s Central Tire Inflation System, electronic locking differentials and others. The initial C-Series offering is a soft top body style.

“All the basics for the kit are supplied, including an aircraft-quality aluminum riveted body, an exceptionally durable chassis and a basic soft top structure,” said William Thompson, HUMVEE C-Series Kit Program Manager. “We have provided the core components and allow the kit builder to source their powertrain, wheels, tires and even the audio system of their choice.”

The C-Series kit is capable of a 2-ton payload and more than 10,000 pounds of towing capacity captured in the size of a pick-up truck. It also offers a 4-wheel independent suspension, geared hubs and torque biasing differentials in the base model kit. A majority of the kit’s intricate sub-assemblies are provided complete, saving the purchaser most of the labor intensive assembly normally associated with a kit building project. The sub-assemblies are manufactured in Mishawaka, Ind., by the ISO registered, award-winning AM General factory workforce.

Each of the kit’s individual items offers vast improvements over past commercial offerings, providing customers with the latest in off-road technology. Additionally, the existing kit accessory market has expanded technologies – both in mechanics and electronics – to better support the project car builder, allowing future customers to develop unique and striking customizations.

Thompson noted, “Pound-for-pound, the HUMVEE C-Series is the best value within the highly competitive global kit market.”

The HUMVEE C-Series Kit is designed and intended only for civilian commercial use and will not be sold for military purposes. Kits sold outside the United States are subject to U.S. export laws.

More information can be found at

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  1. Being a technician that worked at a Hummer dealership, and we continue to service H1’s. I am personally glad to see this happening!!

  2. Very good news!! It seems like AM General is going to take the gloves off. Hopefully they will offer it also in black.