AM General Reveals New Light Tactical Vehicle

AM General Joint Lightweight Tactical Vehicle

New enemies with new tactics are making it necessary to develop new vehicles which is why AM General partnered with General Dynamics Land Systems to design the Joint Lightweight Tactical Vehicle. Last week, their design was unveiled for the first time in Quantico, VA.

The Pentagon will test AM General’s JLTV against several other competitors before awarding a 65,000 unit contract which may or may not go to single manufacturer. AM General believes they may have the edge on their competition. “General Dynamics Land Systems is the leader in the combat vehicles, and we are the leader in the tactical vehicles like the Humvee,” said AM General spokesperson Craig Mac Nab. “You put us together and we make a natural team to make the JLTV.”

Some near AM General’s facility were concerned about potential job loss if Humvee production was scaled back . “It is not really a replacement,” Mac Nab said. “It’s a move beyond (the Humvee). It will not replace the Humvee for a long, long time.”

In addition to creating and producing the Humvee, AM General also handles production of General Motor’s HUMMER H2 at its Mishawaka, IN production facility.

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  1. lightweight?!

  2. That is, what the military defines as lightweight. Heavyweight would be a tank.