American Team Narrowly Misses Top 10 Finish in African Offroad Race

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No GPS, no cell phones, and no binoculars – just an old set of maps, some compasses, and a stock H3 off the lot. That’s what Team Miller Fisher had to work with as the only U.S. competitors in the all women Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles held in Morocco, and they still managed to finish 12th out of 98 teams from around the world.

“This continues to be the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. An unbelievably tough event. Days were SO long, almost impossible to get all of the checkpoints,” said co-pilot Wendy Fisher about the race that tests navigational skills and the winner is awarded not by who finishes first, but who has the least distance on their odometer.

“We are happy with where we finished but we really would have love to end up in the top 10 and we lost that on our first day with navigation errors,” said driver Emily Miller – who has raced for Rod Hall Racing and Team HUMMER to many victories in the last couple years. “The H3 did GREAT! Everybody loved the truck, it was the best stock truck we could have asked for and are grateful to HUMMER France for giving us the opportunity to drive it.”

Congrats to Team Miller Fisher on a great race!

Source: HUMMER, Autoblog

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