Australian HUMMER Accessories Going Global

ARB Hummer H3 Brush Guard

For HUMMER enthusiasts in the United States AND abroad, some exciting news has come from down under. Australia-based ARB accessories will soon begin shipping its unique 4×4 products specifically designed for the H3 around the world. The aggressive looking bull bar shown above should be available in the US this summer. ARB also has other global H3 accessories in the works like rear bumpers, snorkel kits, Old Man Emu suspension kits, air-lockers, and roof baskets.

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  1. ARB makes great looking products, and I’m sure they are of highest quality, but what does this do for the H3? I don’t see a gain in approach angle, and Hummer already offers bullbars, etc.

    I can see buying one for a Jeep Liberty, because they have that God-awful bulky front bumper. You’d actually gain something there.

    For a Hummer, it seems pointless…but perhaps I’m wrong.

  2. The products look like they’re a little tougher (thicker) than what Hummer offers — also this creates a new look for the front of the truck (which some may want, or some may wish to keep a more stock-Hummer look).

    Right now Hummer doesn’t offer an integrated front winch, so this product may have some off-road drivers who are more interested in that than a couple degrees of approach angle.

    With any aftermarket accessories, it comes down to personal taste. Personally, I like to stick with products made by Hummer — but I think there’s some great looking aftermarket parts and accessories out there.

  3. If I wanted a winch, I’ve seen a replacement lower bumper piece (the silver one on the ’08s) with an integrated winch mount.

  4. I think I know what you’re talking about offroader — and in this case, it looks like ARB is going after Boulder Accessories in style/function.