Changfeng, AM General Pursuing HUMMER Bid

HUMMER H2 AM GeneralEven though there were reports that their interest faltered after touring HUMMER’s facilities in the United States, China-based auto manufacturer Changfeng may still be interested in acquiring the brand in a joint venture with AM General, a report says.

“We never quit talks on acquiring the brand,” said the general manager of Changfeng according to Gasgoo, China’s #1 Automotive News source. “But now instead of doing it alone, we decide to form partnership with AM General to reduce risk as the global economy falters,” he explained. “We have to always adjust our plan to market conditions.”

AM General started the civilian HUMMER brand in the early 90s after the worldwide publicity their HUMVEE product received during the gulf war. AM General sold the marketing rights to HUMMER to GM in 1999, and to this day continues to produce the civilian H2 for General Motors.

This is a welcome sign to those that were hoping to see the HUMMER brand back in the hands of those who originated the brand, but knew they wouldn’t have the capacity or capital to make it happen. A joint venture between a strong international company like Changfeng and AM General makes sense. According to the report, the joint venture would be a U.S. company and continue to focus on the local market. Stay tuned for more details.

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  2. well if they dont sell i’ll keep my hummer h2sut till they bury me in it