Chinese HUMMER Plant Coming?

Contrary to early reports that there were no plans to build HUMMER vehicles in China, a new report indicates that a production line will be set up in Chengdu.

Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co, a machinery company based in western China, will spend 550 million yuan (US$80.5 million) to buy Hummer brand, and invest another 450 million yuan to set up a new Hummer production line in Chengdu, the capital province of Sichuan, Chengdu Business Daily reported Thursday, citing a letter of intent from Tengzhong. [From Gasgoo Automotive News – Tengzhong may build new Hummer plant in Chengdu by Ally Liu.]

US production of HUMMERs will continue at least until 2010, according to this and other reports.

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  1. What did I say.All they wanted was the brand name and the technology.Once again I say thanks GM for sell us out.