CNN’s Hummer H1 to be ‘Overhauled’ TONIGHT on TLC

Tue, Nov 14, 2006

Hummer News

CNN Warrior One Hummer H1
At 9pm Eastern time, viewers will get their first peek at the transformation of CNN’s war correspondent vehicle “Warrior One.” The vehicle was used in Iraq as a transport vehicle, and was then re-done by the TV show “Overhaulin’” on The Learning Channel. The vehicle is currently making the rounds of military bases and car shows. It will then be auctioned off, and all proceeds are going to charity. Tune in tonight at 9pm Eastern! If you miss it at 9pm ET, it will also air at 12am ET, also on 11/21 an 12/21 at 8pm ET.
CNN Warrior One Hummer H1

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