CNN’s Hummer to get ‘Overhauled’ on The Learning Channel

CNN Hummer
To travel the rough terrain in the Middle East, CNN has two Hummers that transport cameramen and correspondents to war-torn areas. The vehicles were purchased in Kuwait a few years back, and now after several tours of duty, one of the Hummers has been selected to be renovated on TLC’s hit show Overhaulin’. The show will air on TLC on Tuesday, Nov. 14, at 9 p.m Eastern time. The truck dubbed Warrior One will then go on a national tour of military bases and other sites before it is auctioned off for charity.

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  1. Very Cool, I have to say I am excited to see what they will do to this truck. I am a huge overhaulin fan and it’s cool to see what Chip and the team will do here.

    Thanks for the news and post,


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