Connecticut HUMMER Dealer Providing $4500 in Scholarships

KarlHUMMEREven though HUMMER received the ax from General Motors earlier this year, KARL Chevrolet HUMMER in New Canaan, Connecticut is providing $4,500 in scholarships to area schools.

A few dealerships have decided to stick it out at least until the inventory of New HUMMERs dries up, but most are phasing out their operations, making a generous gift of scholarships even more meaningful.

“As a leading business in the area, we feel it’s important to be actively involved in the communities that support us. The Scholarship Drive has become a signature event for us, and we’re delighted that we are able to make a significant contribution to help area students again this year,” Leo Karl III told “With tuition increases continuing to outpace the rate of inflation, we know that every dollar makes a difference to students who need assistance. Our customers are also gratified to know that their purchase has helped our graduates further their education.”

The Karl family of dealerships have been passing out similar scholarships since 1986.

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  1. Thats nice!
    GM should hand out $4500 to all HUMMER owners now!

  2. Where are you all?
    New to save Hummer ?????

  3. @Aleardo

  4. I’m thinking if HUMMER isn’t back in 2 to 3 years there should be a major gathering in Detroit.

  5. I was wondering what will be? To the HUMMER brand? We have not heard anything from “Save Motors Hummer Coalition” (CLIC) …
    Where is Jim Taylor?

  6. Jim Taylor retired as soon as GM announced the wind down.

  7. It doesn’t make sense that SAAB was saved but not HUMMER? We (HUMMER
    enthusiasts) should have had a save HUMMER gathering at the GM renaissance center just like the SAAB Fans did. It may or may have not have made a difference but it would have showed that more people love and have interest in the brand.

  8. I sold my H3 right after GM announced the wind down.No more GM for me.Ford made me the best offer by far.I will be in a new F150 Regular Cab 4X4.I could care less what Government Motors doses.

  9. Denny you must care or you wouldn’t be at a HUMMER enthusiasts site. As for me, I’m with HUMMERADDICT. Just waiting for the come back of the brand. Loyal to the truck that gave me the most fun for the buck……..

  10. I agree with you denny. I’m mad at GM, not my H3. Iw ill no longer buy new GM vehicles. If there is one I like, I will wait to buy it used.

  11. I think GM had a reason for not selling in the end. I may be wrong but I think GM may bring the line back. I work at a HUMMER dealership and am very unhappy with what GM has done. We still sell many used H2’S and H3’S. GM will take notice of this all over the country and bring the line back. There is just to much money out there they are missing out on. Denny I understand being mad at GM but they made their money on your H3 when they sold it to the dealership you bought it from. You selling it didn’t hurt them at all.

  12. Hmmmm
    is it me or did the value on my H3 rise in the last two months??

  13. It’s to early to give up on Hummer Guys. GM is not stupid, they just need a little time to let the current goverment administration burnt itself out and leave office and than when the new one comes into power you will see changes take place for the good at GM. It is at this time we will see the reintroduction of Hummer H3 and maybe H2. After all money talks no matter where you live in the world.

    It is just to bad we have to wait until than, but good things happen if you are willing to wait for awhile.

    Hummer will live on for ever and I look forward to the new Hummer’s.

  14. Thanks for the uplifting message hummersatman. I hope you’re right. I was really looking forward to the H4. There were rumours that GM would reintriduce the H3 as a GMC model, but that is not the same. You feel more proud telling people you own a HUMMER, not a GMC H3. Just my 2 cents.

  15. I agree… I wouldn’t feel proud saying I owned a GMC anything… Hopefully HUMMER will come back before that happens lol

  16. Almost a month with no new posts. 🙁