Custom Hummer H2 Fights Fires in Dubai

Tue, May 22, 2007

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Hummer Dubai
With high-tech communication, run-flat tires, and high pressure water and foam fire fighting systems – this Hummer H2 is truly “Like Nothing Else.” The engineers at Dubai Civil Defense have been working on the details for some time – and the finished product was unveiled recently. ‘We are extremely excited to be introducing the first customized H2 fire fighting vehicle to the Middle East, said a spokesperson at Dubai Civil Defence. ‘It will bring uncompromising power, incredible performance and unrivalled fire fighting capabilities to our fleet.” This isn’t the first time a Hummer has been transformed into a fire fighting rig – Check out this H1 Fire Fighter in Texas.

2 Responses to “Custom Hummer H2 Fights Fires in Dubai”

  1. georgieboysobota Says:

    cool dude, it even has a body coloured grile! i love hummers w/body coloured grilles! id love to see a biggr picture though