Custom HUMMER is New Harness Racing Starting Gate

Hummer Harness Racing Since the well of HUMMER news has been somewhat dry in the last week, we’re going to show you a custom HUMMER that you probably have never thought of – neither had we! This specially equipped HUMMER H2 is the newest starting gate for Pompano Park Racetrack.

I don’t know much about harness racing other than it looks somewhat comedic and dangerous at the same time. Though if an H2 can help get a strange job done effectively, we say, “welcome to the HUMMER family!”

Hummer Horse Racing “The view is just great,” said Pompano Park starter Frank Dalton. “Instead of having to look through the screened area to see the horses, I can now see down on the field clearly and that will help a great deal in starting the races and seeing if any of the horsemen are having trouble before the start.”

“I think the Hummer was a good choice for it’s size and capabilities and the starting gate worked out well being installed on it,” said Pat Ridenour, owner of Howard Starting Gate Company. “It turned out very well, and will be comfortable for the driver, starter, and passengers. And it will be a very good vehicle for any track conditions. It was not harder to build than other gates, just different modifications. The special features with using a Hummer are the elevated view for the starter and passengers.”

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  1. pacific blue and fusion orange limited edition rims?

  2. Good catch, Georgie — those were actually made available prior to the limited editions but were extremely rare (and expensive!) The wheels are made by Alcoa.