Dallas HUMMER Finds Perfect H3T Pickup Customer

Dallas 2009 HUMMER H3T

Just North of Dallas lies Frisco, a community that ranked #38 on Money Magazine’s ‘Best Places to Live’ list. However, one Frisco Homeowners Association has made it a rather unpleasant place to live for one Ford F150 owner who chooses to park his new ride – *GASP* – in his driveway! The Stonebriar HOA has sent Jim Greenwood, the owner of the new F150, the first of three notices with threats of fines.

“Mr. Greenwood, you’re violating a subdivision rule that prohibits pickup trucks in your driveway,” reads the first letter.

We could on some level agree with such a rule, but the real problem here is selective enforcement. You see the same group that says ‘no pickups allowed’ DOES allow the Cadillac Escalade EXT, Chevy Avalanche, Honda Ridgeline, and even the Lincoln Mark LT – a vehicle made by the Ford Motor Company that is very similar to a well equipped F150.

The HOA claims that these exceptions are “high-end vehicles that are allowed are plush with amenities and covers on the back. It doesn’t look like a pickup…It’s fancier.” This is a historic statement by the Stonebriar HOA, as the Chevy Avalanche has never before been described as a “fancy” vehicle.

“A Chevy Suburban can be in the driveway,” said Mr. Greenwood. “If we had a big Hummer, that could be in the driveway. If we had a Lincoln Mark LT, that could be in the driveway. But a Ford F-150 can’t.”

We think we can help Mr. Greenwood solve his problem of having a capable pickup truck with a luxury counterpart: The new 2009 HUMMER H3T due out in the next few weeks. This will surely make everyone happy, even the HOA, since the HUMMER H3T will come ‘plush with amenities’ and can be equipped with ‘covers on the back.’

Source: Dallas Morning News

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  1. Just read that on Autoblog, BTW if I were him, I’d get the Mark LT badges for his F-150.

  2. Ha! Good thought.