Does God drive a HUMMER?

2008 Hummer H2 Solar Flare

I like to think that given a choice in rides, God would occasionally take the ole HUMMER H2 out for a romp around the off-road trails in Heaven (Surely there’s off-roading in Heaven…). I’m just not so sure that he was on the East Coast the other night.

A Maryland man was arrested after trying to steal a HUMMER H2, but told authorities it was alright since he was, in fact, God. He said he doesn’t need to steal, but a voice in his head told him the HUMMER was his. This was also after he told the same authorities he had smoked some “tainted marijuana.”

He was sentenced to one year in jail and mandatory counseling.

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  1. i hope he does drive a HUMMER but he probably drives a Prius or something.