UPDATED – Shooting Targets HUMMER Facility

Update Monday 9AM: The Mishawaka police department has confirmed that the shooting did not occur at the HUMMER facility. Apparently two men got into an argument at nearby facility, Hammer Plastics, where shots were fired into the air. There were no injuries, no arrests, and police are continuing to investigate. Since the story now is completely unrelated to HUMMER, we’ll pull the story from the site soon.

Update Monday 8AM: Reports are now crossed, as AM General/HUMMER Security is denying the incident took place. We’ll update you as we know more.

Original Story:

Around 10PM Sunday authorities were called to investigate shots being fired near a HUMMER facility in Mishawaka, IN.

The area is home to an AM General/HUMMER facility, but is separate from the HUMVEE and H2 production facility located across town.

AM General uses the facility to host technician training, as well as handle civilian model parts operations and warranty claims.

Source: WSBT

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  1. Absolutely terrible… I hope noone was hurt and that the haters face justice…