Extended Test Drive and Review: 2009 HUMMER H3T

2009 Black HUMMER H3T

This past weekend we got a chance to tool around town in HUMMER’s newest vehicle and first true pickup: The 2009 HUMMER H3T. The one we were driving was nicely equipped with after-market 20-inch wheels with Nitto tires, a diamond-plate bed cover from Diamondback, plus factory roof rails, steps, and brush guard.

It’s worth noting that many accessories for the HUMMER H3 also work on the H3T (e.g. the roof rails, brush guard, chrome hood insert, etc.) But those items spanning the width of the truck, like the steps, are not interchangeable. One item that may appear to be interchangeable is the chrome fuel door, though one would have to examine the door closely to notice the two are not the same and will only work on their respective vehicles. The side-steps on the H3T have great styling and look very durable – but prices will run about 15% higher than their black and chrome H3 counterparts.

The ride of the H3T is very similar to the H3 – smooth and quiet. In fact, due to the longer wheel base, you may even experience a slightly smoother ride in the H3T. With that said, we noticed the addition of after-market 20-inch wheels on the H3T affected the ride much greater than in the H3. As to be expected, the turning radius is a touch higher than the H3, which at 37 feet is phenomenal for an SUV. The most difficult part about turning in an H3T is remembering you’re in a longer truck since operation from the driver’s perspective is so similar to the H3 SUV.

The H3T is still in that ‘new stage’ when most people on the road haven’t seen one in person, and may or may not have seen the new TV commercial. Needless to say, the H3T got plenty of attention wherever it went.

The H3T stays true to its HUMMER roots with plenty of off-road prowess while giving the brand its first true pickup and maintaining great maneuverability around town. HUMMER would have hit a home run with the H3T if it had come out as a 2008 model in late 2007, but even given the current market conditions, the H3T should at the very least give HUMMER a solid base hit.

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  1. you are right this truck was need it in late 07 as a 08 model.

  2. nice one rayo, how much was it with all those options?

  3. Hummer Aficionado_VT

    I think it looks great! – Just want that yellow exterior back!

  4. I want the shadow green.