Four Wheeler’s Project HUMMER H3: Part 5

Hummer H3 Flat Red Beadlock Wheels
In part 4, we wondered how long it would take the team at to get their project HUMMER H3 some new shoes. Apparently, about two weeks! Taking an idea from the playbook, Four Wheeler put some flat-black, powder-coated, simulated bead-lock wheels to the HUMMER H3. But they didn’t stop there – they also added some BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. Almost identical to what comes stock on the HUMMER H2, they’re a great all-around tire.

Rod Hall Racing Shock While the wheel wells were accessible, the team also added some remote-reservoir Rod Hall Racing shocks. The shocks give the vehicle an extra inch of travel, and are built a little stronger than the standard factory shocks.

What’s in store next is anyone’s guess – maybe a roof rack with some rally lights? Although, sometimes I forget that everyone else isn’t as obsessed with huge lights as I am.

Custom hummer h3 blackout

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