Four Wheeler’s Project HUMMER: Part 4

Hummer H3 Flat Red Alpha 2 Nice! The gang at has gotten their project HUMMER H3 back from the paint shop, and the gloss is gone. This isn’t the first flat paint job I’ve seen on a HUMMER, but it is the first flat red. At the dealership level, it looks awesome, but it’s difficult to justify the price of a total repaint with what is a minor change in most people’s eyes – don’t get us wrong – we love the look.

Hummer H3 Flat Red Alpha As promised, the chrome handles and mirrors have been removed and replaced with black. The most obvious bling factors are gone; now stay tuned for what’s next from the team at I’m wondering how long those stock wheels and tires are going to make it?

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  1. i’ve just had a thought, instead of doing them themselves, HUMMER should get after market people like Four Wheeler to do the limited editions, they should get DUB in. just solid chrome. everywhere.

  2. I think the truck looks great. I wouldn’t mind it in black with the powder-coated 7 spoke rims.

  3. I just hope they keep it in the real world and use
    products that the average Joe can obtain/afford and
    that will contribute to the overall “Wheel-A-Bility”
    of the truck.

    Don’t really want to see an H3 rock buggy with
    10 gs worth of custom axles and a chopped up body.