Four Wheeler Magazine’s Project Trail Hugger Update

2009 HUMMER H3T SEMA Show Four Wheeler

It’s been a while since we’ve updated you on Four Wheeler’s Project H3 called the “Trailhugger,” so we saw fit to give you the rundown.

Before the SEMA Show appearance, Project Trailhugger was equipped with a Gobi rack and some nifty remotely controlled lights. We love the look of the Gobi’s shorter, sleeker, “stealth” racks. Unless you’re regularly schlepping gear around for work or play, the stealth rack is more than adequate. If you’d like a Gobi rack, be patient. If the part isn’t in stock, it takes 4 to 6 weeks to ship – and it only comes via tractor trailer. Heads up!

MagnaFlow HUMMER H3 AlphaMore recently, Four Wheeler installed a Magnaflow exhaust system, adding a little power and a little rumble to the stride of the 5.3L V8. “We could feel a power difference. The engine felt more responsive. No scientific data to trot out, just seat-of-the-pants feel,” says Ken Brubaker of Four Wheeler.

Underbody Protection HUMMER H3 AlphaTo aid the H3 Alpha during off-road excursions, the team also added some serious underbody protection and a winch for the rougher areas. The skid plate system is made by DeFelice Offroad Innovations, whose owner says he designed the system “for the person who wants to abuse their H3 off-road and then drive it to work the next day.” The winch is a 9000lb Warn with synthetic line, which we were never big fans of. Although from the sounds of it, winch-rope technology has come a long way.

You can check out all the build specifics along with pictures on Four Wheeler’s Project site.

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  1. I love it when they install the integrated winch like that. Here’s the painting process