General Motors (HUMMER) and Chrysler (Jeep) Talk Merger

Hummer Hum Bug

Last week it was brought to light that General Motors and Chrysler have been in high-level talks about a possible merger. With General Motors being the parent company of HUMMER, and Chrysler the parent company of arch-rival Jeep, we were wondering what would happen if the two brands were forced to merge themselves.

Even if a possible merger were to go through, there is a high likelihood that GM would have already completed a full or partial sale of HUMMER. Plus, iconic brands don’t normally mix well…or do they?

We thought it would be an appropriate time to revisit the HumBug – a vehicle that is clearly HUMMER inspired in the front, with a roof and door structure reminiscent of a Jeep Wrangler. Under the hood you can find a Porsche engine, completing the bizarre vehicle mix.

So who knows – maybe we’ll have a HumBug in 2010! Probably not – but we’re in for an interesting and telling few months – that’s for sure.

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  1. it looks like its got a bit of that 4×4 lamborghini in it aswell. the LM001 or 2 or something.

  2. It was a Wrangler with a Landrunner conversion (makes it look somewhat like Hummer) and other untold amount of work to make an even weirder cross.

  3. Now you are talking .. its what america needs most right now. A Vehicle with Chrysler Quality and GM management. A cross between a hummer and a jeep. A HEEP!

    Now that would really be an embodiment of everything thats wrong with US automakers today.