General Motors, Hummer, OnStar assist with California wildfire relief

Hummer Red Cross H3 Fire
It wasn’t too long ago when the American Red Cross called on its fleet of Hummer vehicles to assist in local relief efforts during some Southern California fires. With the recent wildfires wreaking havoc on the area, GM and subsidiaries Hummer and OnStar are increasing their support.

General Motors has donated $100,000 to the American Red Cross for relief efforts, which we suspect is above and beyond GM’s $4 million, 6 year commitment to the organization. Twelve Southern California Hummer dealers are also standing by to assist.

“Responding to natural disasters is a priority of GM’s corporate outreach, and we welcome the opportunity to work with the American Red Cross again to aid those Californians who must overcome hardships caused by the recent fires,” said Rod Gillum, GM Vice President, Chairman of the GM Foundation. “GM employees will be able to make contributions to the relief efforts and those contributions will be matched by the GM Foundation through Nov. 30, 2007.”

GM OnStar is also assisting customers any way they can. Regardless of service plan, OnStar subscribers can take advantage of all services at no additional charge. “Crisis Assist” helps OnStar subscribers with routing assistance, hotel reservations, and will even download personal calling minutes into vehicles so subscribers can connect with family/friends to tell them they are OK. OnStar’s recent partnership with the American Red Cross also allows subscribers access to shelter information.
Last but not least, since the air quality has been so poor in the area, residents with GM vehicles can go to their local dealership and have their air filters replaced for free. More information on this can be found at

“GM, its dealers and its employees have a long tradition of responding to emergencies where we work and live,” said Susan Docherty, General Manager of GM’s Western Region (and former Hummer General Manager!). “We are quickly mobilizing our human, technological and financial resources to bring as much relief and support as possible to our families, friends and neighbors, who have all been affected in some way by these tragic wildfires.”

Kudos to GM for helping without hesitation.

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  1. i know theyre only used in disasters but i think the HUMMERs look really good