Ho-Ho-Holiday Hummer H2

Holiday Hummer H2
Well Geiger Cars has done it again – this time with a Hummer H2 designed with Christmas in mind. A ‘fireplace,’ lambo-doors, and a ton of LED lights are just a few of the additions that make this a one-of-a-kind Hummer. The vehicle was made for a German TV program on which it was later auctioned off. Here is some more info on the Hummer:
“The winter theme is reinforced by a matching snowmobile towed behind the HoliHUMMER, a roof-mounted Santa and toboggan, as well as a pair of snowboards stowed vertically at the rear. Open the doors and you’re welcomed into a red leather holiday cocoon, replete with full A/V system, bearskin rug, electric fireplace, and auxiliary heater. It’s very cozy, as illustrated by Santa’s helper below. The rear cargo area features a 42″ TV and storage for warm drinks and snacks. In all, it’s a fun, kitschy custom that takes Christmas to HUMMERized levels of excess.”

Christmas Hummer H2 Lights Night
Christmas Hummer H2 Fireplace

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