H3 Takes on Nurburgring HUMMER Style


When it comes to lap-times in a sports car, perhaps no other race track in the world is more famous than the Nurburgring in Germany, also known simply as “The Ring.” Manufacturers and Media come from all over the world in order to test their vehicles against the clock, and thus every car that has come before it. Right now it’s the middle of winter and the track is covered with snow, but that didn’t stop a HUMMER H3 outfitted with Mattracks from throwing its hat into The Ring.

The H3 was built by German importer Geiger Cars, who seems to have an affinity for making bizarre HUMMERs. Remember the Christmas H2 with a fireplace in the backseat? That was them. How about the 700 HP H2 that was supposedly sold to a Texas Law Enforcement Officer? That was them, too. They’ve also done their fair share of super-powered HUMMERs with racing stripes and the like through the years, but they’re latest creation of an H3 outfitted with tracks shows they still have the itch to build interesting HUMMERs.

Maybe we should team up with Howe and Howe Tech for our next H3 project truck addition?

Huge gallery after the jump.

Source: Autobild via Jalopnik

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  1. Great article Brian!!!

    I wonder how deep of snow Mattracks can go through because in the pictures it only looked like less than one foot is all?

    Up in Canada we snowmobile on 6 to 10 feet of snow, wonder if Mattracks would allow me to drive my HUMMER H2 on 6 to 8 feet of snow too?

    If not, then I’ll just stick to my snowmobile since my HUMMER can go through a foot of snow just with regular wheels with ease, don’t need any Mattracks for that.

    However, if Mattracks can get me through 6 plus feet of snow then I’d certainly consider a set of Mattracks for sure!!!

    Rather than trade in my H2 on a 2011 H2, I could keep it and put Mattracks on it and buy a 2011 H2 anyways and use the 2011 H2 as my street vehicle and keep the Mattracks H2 just for driving around in the fields, I like that idea a lot. :mrgreen:

  2. richard, you crazy dawg.

  3. Good morning,

    Today is Friday morning at the time of this writing. Let’s hope for an all out kickass update to lead us in to the weekend feeling good about HUMMER!!!

    As many of us know, there is nothing as capable as HUMMER, I looked at many trucks and even read up on the 2011 trucks forthcoming and none of them are anything like a HUMMER!!!

    That’s because HUMMERs have more ground clearance and don’t have all the skirting underneath their front bumpers to get hung up on or broken like with other trucks.

    We really need for the H2 and H3 to go back in to heavy production ASAP because there is nothing else out there worth buying for people who need real go anywhere vehicles!!!

    Let’s get HUMMER production going again NOW!!! :mrgreen:

  4. Tool!

  5. @Panama Red if the “Tool!” reference is intended towards me, I suggest you choose your words very wisely the next time you post here because the last thing we need is the liberal media reporting that HUMMER owners can’t even get along amongst each another.

    Next time please “think” before you type or take a hike, thank you.

    Now back to what matters most, hoping for a HUMMER update today and some news that the H2 is going back in to production, even if it’s as a 2011 model because that works just fine for me!!! :mrgreen:

  6. Be glad we live in countries where we can disagree and at the end of the day still enjoy a cold beer together.

    …you’re a still a Tool……lol!

  7. @Panama Red if you’re driving and buying I’ll take a Stone Cold Beer any day of the week, that’s for sure!!! 😎

    Just don’t call me a tool after I have a few drinks as I’ve been known to stump a few mud holes in my day!!! LOL 😛

    Don’t forget after you drink all that beer to turn your clock ahead Sunday morning!!! 💡

    I’m a little sad we never got any update today from Brian however till his next update I’ll be praying for good news soon for HUMMER!!! 😉

  8. face it hummer is a dying breed. better start collecting and buying parts trucks.

  9. Yeah it been over a week and no update. The jig is up. No more Hummer and no HX.

  10. No news is better than bad news at this point – hang in there and we’ll know the real story soon. -Brian

  11. what kind of parts are hard to come by? curious…

  12. Things like multi million dollar deals take time. I too am pissed its taking so long, but its only been like 2 weeks since the deal with the chinese was over.

  13. Do you know something we don’t Brian?

  14. Based on this article from last week Im not too hopeful. GM has rejected all offers..


  15. re: OaklanPress article

    Nice…..wouldnt expect anything less from GM (government/obama motors)
    They would rather let the brand die than sell it for less than their greedy hands want. They will never admit they fuc*ed up in soley looking at one potential buyer for 1-year and shutting the door to other parties. Now they turn down all 8 interested parties? wtf is that about…..unless they are getting ridiculous offers of only like 20million or something. But still wouldnt you rather sell it for something and write of some as a loos instead of taking a loss on all of it?

    GM is the most ass backward run company I seen in many years.
    No wonder they are in this position now. Losers!

  16. Pissed,

    Thats exactly what it is. The socialist owned GM will kill the brand because the libtards want us all driving smart cars. So glad I get to pick what kind of vehicle I want to drive in this FREE country.

  17. Wow, I went to bed last night and threads were clear, now I wake up and see eight new posts about HUMMER. The fact is HUMMER is not dying and the bread will live on long after all of us are gone. That’s because we are positioned for a HUGE growth very soon in HUMMER, trust me.

    A week or two in the business world is nothing because things can easily take months longer than expected. I know this to be a fact.

    The real story is the sale will be completed soon, folks are simply too quick to think the worst and need to show more support for HUMMER!!!

    For me personally, I can buy any HUMMER part I want with ease, same as Oldsmobile parts, there is no shortage of parts, who with a sane mind would even think such a thing?

    I agree, these big million dollar deals do take time, it’s easy to sit at your computer and complain, however let’s show some support here starting now!!!

    For all we know the sale of HUMMER could have already been finalized, often times they don’t make a press release till after the fact so they can tie up loose ends without having to deal with media and the likes.

    I agree, GM did reject eight offers, however there are still many more offers they are looking at, it’s like if you got 100 offers to buy your HUMMER but eight were for $100 bucks, you eliminate the low ballers first, it’s common sense.

    HUMMER is a widely successful brand, GM knows this and is now prepared to get a more suitable dollar figure for the brand because they are not in any hurry like they were last year when they were going through their bankruptcy, now they can holdout and get a fantastic price for the HUMMER brand like they originally planned to do last year.

    GM is in a tight spot, the media doesn’t care for HUMMER nor does envious people who don’t have the money to buy one. Thus GM feels the need to sell the HUMMER brand to make people happy so they will buy a Chevrolet from them. Personally I’d rather GM drop Chevy than HUMMER but that won’t likely happen.

    GM will sell HUMMER for sure, they know HUMMER is a goldmine and they are trying to get more money for it. Owning the HUMMER brand is the closest thing to owning the keys to the printing press at the Fed to print your own money.

    You want to remember last year GM was in desperate times and was moving fast, now they can finally take their time and move at their own speed.

    Again, it was only eight offers GM stopped considering of hundreds or possibly even thousands of offers, getting rid of eight low offers is standard business. So don’t be alarmed.

    GM has many more offers much higher than the eight they turned down, the GM team certainly knows what they are doing.

    GM will sell for sure, HUMMER was for a long while their only profitable brand out of the eight brands they use to have. Now that GM only has five brands including HUMMER, you will see HUMMER is still the only profitable brand for GM thus they will sell it for the most money possible as I’m sure any of us would too if we knew it was our only profitable brand, that’s for sure!!!

    Example, if you owned five businesses, and four businesses were losing buckets of money each day, but one business was making oceans of money by the second but you were forced to sell your one and only profitable business, would you just want to give it away for next to nothing? Of course not!!! And neither does GM.

    Even though the four domestic brands, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac are losing money, there are countless foreign investors who have no problem with buying a profitable brand like HUMMER regardless of public perception because many foreign countries are more concerned about profit than public perception and will go on to make countless billions of dollars once they acquire the HUMMER brand. There are many companies in the Middle East that could easily buy the entire HUMMER brand and the cost would not even put a scratch in their bank accounts, so have faith.

    GM is a big company, they are now making cuts so they can operate more efficiently, however they may need to drop GMC and Buick and focus solely on Chevrolet and Cadillac if they hope to come ahead in the future unless folks suddenly start buying a lot more GM products, time will tell. Of course if GM can receive more government funding they will likely do long term market studies before dropping more brands in the future. Regardless, we can see Ford is doing well with just Ford and Lincoln, I think they still offer Mercury too in some countries, but for the most part I believe it’s only Ford and Lincoln which is just two brands and last month they outsold GM so obviously Ford is on the right track with no government funding required.

    I would not call GM losers, like any company going broke, they are going to make mistakes, however they are tightening things up now, nobody liked Saturn, now they are gone, Saab never made any money and they are gone. Pontiac I liked because I use to own a Trans Am WS6 RAM AIR edition however other than that and the new G8, Pontiac never had anything that interested me, and with the Camaro and possible return of the Caprice that will make up for not having a Trans Am and G8 and allow GM to tighten up some of their losses because GM can’t afford to keep losing each day way more than they are taking in, they have to do something you know to stop the bleeding.

    All and all, the future is bright, we will see a sale completed soon like how Tata bought Land Rover and turned it in to a highly profitable brand, so hold tight friends, and think the best, we all know the HUMMER brand is the goose who lays golden eggs. When the HUMMER sale is completed the new owner will go on to make billions and billions and billions of dollars and we will finally get our new model HUMMERs with bigger gas engines, diesel engines, better ground clearance like 40 inch tires for the H2 and 35 inch tires for the H3 respectively.

    Do not worry, the so called socialist government will not kill HUMMER off because they can see how profitable brands like the Ford SVT Raptor are for Ford, they will sell HUMMER for sure and make money on it!!! Also GM is perfectly aware of how profitable selling the HUMMER brand will be, they just recently released the new 2011 GMC Denali HD confirming GM knows money is still in trucks, not in baby size cars, thus they are looking for a hefty price for the HUMMER brand to help pay off some of their many bills they owe so that they don’t have to borrow more tax dollars again soon.

    Now let’s keep posts here positive and respectful, and focus on what we are going to do with our new model HUMMERs once we get them alright guys!!! Have a wonderful day and think positive!!! Now if you’re ready for 2011 HUMMERs give me a big HELL YEAH!!! 😎

  18. HELL YEAH you crazy man! LOL!

  19. HELL YEAH!!!! As much as I want the deal to be done and HUMMER to live, it doesn’t look too bright anymore 🙁

  20. Richard knows whats UP

  21. …we can only hope….