HOPE: Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies

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In 2001 a group of Hummer owners were having an off-road event in West Virginia, when the weather near-by took a turn for the worse. The entire area was damaged by floods, and rescue crews struggled to reach certain areas. The Hummer group volunteered to help get needed supplies where they needed to go, but were turned down by agency after agency because of liability issues. After this, a group of the owners partnered with the Red Cross and founded HOPE: Hummer Owners Prepared for Emergencies. By becoming certified in CPR, First Aid, and other first-responder training, members of HOPE become full fledged Red Cross Volunteers. Members are also required to receive an off-roading trail endorsement to ensure they know the limits of their Hummer. Should the need arise to get emergency supplies to a hard to reach area, members are called to volunteer their medical and Hummer off-roading skills. Hummer liked the idea so much they donated $6 Million to the Red Cross, along with several vehicles. This is a great group – and if you own a Hummer, you should think about volunteering your time. Most volunteering would be in your state and community should the need arise – further training and registration is required to deploy to disasters outside of your state (i.e. living in Texas and deploying to the region affected by Hurricane Katrina). Check out HOPE’s new website for all the details. They have a great video on the home page, and a good FAQ section for those interested in finding out more.

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  1. I Live in Northern Virginia and would like to join HOPE. Their web site is not working. Are they still active? How do I contact them?

    H-1 Hummer owner

  2. The site should just be down temporarily, there are many active members serving. I would call your local red cross and see if you’re the first to inquire about it in your area, they may already have a program set up. Good luck!

  3. We do not have a local HOPE group. I am the EMA Director and would love to start a local HOPE group as part of our Emergency Management Office. Who might I get HOPE information for training and organizing the group? I would love to incorporate HOPE into our volunteer programs. Thank You!

  4. It’s had some changes in management – but I believe this is the latest link: http://www.thehummerclubinc.com/about/default.aspx?sn=22

    Contact information is included on that page.

    Another option is starting your own group based on the program – this is normally much easier to integrate from the ground up, and what many local clubs have done. (such as the Illiana HUMMER Club’s “HERT” program).

    Hope this helps!