HUMMER Announcement Expected in Near Future

Fri, May 29, 2009

Hummer News

GM Logo Some reports indicated that we may have an announcement on HUMMER today, though nothing has come to light just yet.

Speaking to WSBT News, HUMMER spokesperson Nick Richards said today that GM/HUMMER is, “still in discussions with a pair of serious bidders,” and that, “We are working through the final details to come up with a preliminary agreement and hope to make an announcement about it in the near future.”

Many are questioning what will happen to the sale of HUMMER if GM declares bankruptcy on Monday, but several industry experts suggest that a HUMMER sale could go forward with little interruption. Several major news agencies (e.g. Fox News) reported this morning that the Fed had stepped in and halted the announcement for HUMMER, though that story was quickly muted – meaning either they were told to mute it, or it wasn’t accurate.

Right now, the details are sketchy, but we will keep you informed as more news breaks. Stay tuned.

One Response to “HUMMER Announcement Expected in Near Future”

  1. diana george Says:

    the guys you are talking about here is a group of Indian entreprenuers business lead by Mr. Akrami. Have heard that the guys have ambitious plans for HUMMER and GM is in final talks to close the deal with them