HUMMER announces 2009 H3T Pickup Pricing

HUMMER H3T Pickup Moto

HUMMER told its dealers today that it will sell the H3T pickup truck for less than its H3 SUV counterpart. The 2009 HUMMER H3T Pickup will start at $31,495, a full $850 less than the SUV. With General Motors raising prices an average of 3.5% across the board, this is a welcome sign to HUMMER and pickup truck buyers. On other models, GM explains the increase in price is due to product enhancements like Bluetooth capability, upgraded OnStar features, and powertrain upgrades. GM says rising fuel prices, as well as the weakening U.S. Dollar, have also impacted 2009 pricing.

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  1. georgieboysobota

    im suprised it costs less.

  2. Will they offer the X package on the H3T? How much will the H3T Alpha cost

  3. georgieboysobota

    a H3TX would look good