Hummer Announces end of the road for Yellow & Maroon H2s

Yellow Hummer H2
Hummer recently decided that it will no longer offer Yellow and Twilight Maroon Metallic on the H2 line. The Maroon color comes as no surprise – it was only recently introduced in 2006, and was met with a not so excited Hummer crowd. On the flip side, yellow Hummer H2s have become a staple in Hummer marketing campaigns. Print ads, television ads, and news articles always seem to use the familiar site of a bright yellow Hummer. The last few will roll of the production line in the next few months – this news comes after the announcement they will no longer offer yellow Hummer H3s in mid January.

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  1. Any word if they will be offering a Gray/Dark Silver color yet? Not sur why they haven’t done this yet.

  2. No word yet – we made a custom dark gray H2 that turned out great! I bet it’s at least going through their minds as an option.

  3. How could they ditch yellow? That’s my second favorite color! (They all ready ditched my first favorite, that burnt orange!)
    I think its a mistake to drop such a recognizable color from the lineup.

    –Maybe we’ll see it again as a limited edition?…

  4. georgieboysobota

    how can they get rid of yellow, its practicly the trademark colour for HUMMER. i would like to see it as a limited edition though, that would be good