HUMMER Brand Bids Between $100, $200 Million

Wed, Apr 8, 2009

Hummer News

GM LogoAccording to Reuters, there are still three remaining bidders vying for the HUMMER brand. According to their sources, the current bids range between $100 and $200 million.

Reportedly, none of the bidders are auto-makers, but rather private equity firms and wealthy individuals. One bidder is from the U.S. while the others are from overseas.

Under the agreement, the new owner would take over GM’s liabilities of 125 U.S. HUMMER dealers, and commit resources to further develop the brand through engineering, marketing, and sales.

4 Responses to “HUMMER Brand Bids Between $100, $200 Million”

  1. Brian Says:

    Here’s to hoping that the US Bidder wins the shootout. And here’s to hoping that they have the talent and resources to maximize the brand! Something GM’s brand marketing sloth just couldn’t do.

  2. HummBob Says:

    I heard 3Hummers is in the BIDDING…..;)

  3. Hummer Aficionado_VT Says:

    That would be sweet Bob! You helping?!