HUMMER Brand Sale Narrows to Two Bidders

GM LogoEarly Monday, General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson updated the media on the overall progress of the company’s restructuring plan, including the race for the HUMMER brand. It was previously indicated that HUMMER had narrowed the field of suitors to three, and Henderson said that they are still in talks with two of them.

As usual Henderson did not indicate who the final two bidders were, and only went so far as to say that a sale could happen by the end of the month.

So who dropped out? Our sources inside the H3 plant tell us that several parties have recently been touring and inspecting the production facility. Reportedly, an Asian group showed very little interest while some “tall white guys” have been spending a considerable amount of time looking in every nook and cranny.

This leads us to believe that a Chinese company may be out of the running, and helping to confirm our suspicions that someone in Russia is serious about buying HUMMER. Though I’ve seen some pretty tall Americans, too.

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