Hummer building two new Baja race trucks

2008 Hummer Baja Race Trucks
With team owner and racing legend Rod Hall by their side, Hummer is building two new race trucks for the upcoming Baja 1000. Rod Hall and his two sons, Josh and Chad, will be piloting Hummer’s three entries this year in the stock class: a H3 in stock-mini; 2008 H2 SUT in stock full; and a 2008 H3 Alpha in stock full.

This year’s race marks the 40th anniversary of the Baja 1000, and the 40th time Rod Hall has entered. In addition to be the only racer to enter in all Baja 1000 races, Rod Hall is also the winningest driver in Baja history with 18 victories. With 26 Baja 1000 wins between the three Hall racers, expect Team Hummer to have a strong showing this year.

Here is some more information on the stock-class race requirements:

Team HUMMER competes in the Stock classes of both BitD and SCORE, which feature production-based vehicles with stock frames, stock suspension designs and production-based engines. Only specialized racing shock absorbers, tires and other minor modifications are allowed, along with the required supporting components and mandatory safety equipment. Minor modifications are allowed to the powertrain, although the rules stipulate it must be based on the stock engine and transmission combination.

You can tell from the pictures that the vehicles are starting out just like any others that you find on dealer lots all over the country. More updates are on the way as the build process continues!
2008 Hummer H2 Baja Race Trucks
Hummer H3 Baja Race Truck

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  1. it probably said somewhere but whats stock full?

  2. Oh! Will the race be televised?