HUMMER Considering Music City Move


Once the HUMMER brand is independent from General Motors, it’s possible they may move headquarters from the Motor City to the Music City.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, HUMMER’s CEO Jim Taylor said possible locations for headquarters include Detroit and areas around Nashville, TN, “where other automotive manufacturers have chosen to collect.”

“We’ll be ready to pull the trigger once the brand is actually sold,” said HUMMER spokesperson Nick Richards, which is expected to be by the end of the third quarter.

“We are building a new culture, looking around and benchmarking a lot of the cool companies, the Googles of the world, the places you read about and think ‘It would be cool to work there,’” Taylor said in the Bloomberg interview. “Now I actually get to do it.”

Criteria for the new HUMMER H.Q. include economic incentives, access to engineering operations, and quality of life for employees expected to number around 100.

Source: Bloomberg via The Tennessean

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