HUMMER: Five New or Revised Models in Five Years

About a month ago we gathered questions from readers to pass along to HUMMER CEO Jim Taylor as part of our ongoing “Ask Jim” segment. We have the latest responses in, and will be bringing you Jim’s responses in a multi-part series this week. Why spread out so much? Because if you asked a question, there’s a good chance Jim answered it. In all, we have about 13 pages of Q and A with HUMMER’s #1 guy. In one of his responses, Jim says to expect “five new or significantly revised models from HUMMER within the next five years.”

Although Jim didn’t expand on that answer, with only three models currently in production it’s probably fair to expect two brand new models (H4 and an even more nimble H5), as well as next generation H3, H3T, and H2 models.

Stay tuned this week for the multi-part series when Jim answers questions about diesel models in the U.S., 2010 H3 and H2 production, color choices, HUMMER Happenings, and what Chinese ownership of the HUMMER brand will look like.

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  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to hear all the stuff out of Hummer!

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