Hummer General Manager Announces “New Hummer Truck” coming in 2009

Hummer H3T Concept Four Door
It’s no secret that Martin Walsh, Hummer’s General Manager, has been kicking around the idea of a Hummer truck, possibly loosely based on the H3T concept. Hummer hasn’t released any more details about the truck, but has announced 2009 as an official release date for a ne “Hummer truck.”. Recently they started testing a longer bed version of the H3. From the images, it looks like a mid-size bed and a 4 door vehicle based on the Hummer H3. Step by step Hummer is inching towards the release of the Hummer H3T (Or H3 SUT depending on who you ask). Walsh said, “The new product will have unparalleled off-road capabilities,” and “Like our current Hummers it would be recognizable from a distance.”

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