HUMMER H1 Pulls Airplane from Lake Tahoe

Hummer H1 Plane Lake Tahoe

Frank Hublou and John Schottenheimer were landing their seaplane on Lake Tahoe last Thursday when the 1946 Seabee flipped and began taking on water. The two were able to avoid tragedy, and called resident Carl Cooper a ‘saint’ after speeding out to the wreck in his boat, and later assisting in the recovery effort by pulling the wreckage onto shore with his HUMMER H1. Video after the jump — heads up, it plays automatically!

The effort is vaguely reminiscent of a recovery I was a part of several years ago when a small plane sunk into the gravel off the side of a private airstrip, digging the propellers into the grass and pavement of the runway.

Hummer H1 Airplane

Source: Tahoe Bonanza

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