HUMMER H1 to Make Guest Appearance in Fast & Furious 4

Wed, Jan 14, 2009

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Fast & Furious HUMMER H1

If there’s one thing that can make a movie great, it’s a chase scene that involves a HUMMER H1. Who could forget the H1 vs. Ferrari romp through San Francisco in “The Rock” – which ends up in about every top 10 list for best movie chase scenes. While we don’t expect Fast & Furious 4 to be up for any Oscars, we may have to check it out solely for the HUMMER scene. We get a glimpse of the H1 going off-road around 1:35 in this new preview – don’t blink!

Source and Image: Autoblog

5 Responses to “HUMMER H1 to Make Guest Appearance in Fast & Furious 4”

  1. Hummer Aficionado_VT Says:

    Sweeeeet. I’ve always been a fan of the series – for how bad it is… Its like a double-negative makes a positive, you know? 🙂

    Brian, did you add the quotes? Haha at the deflating chest!

  2. Hummer Aficionado_VT Says:

    That chase scene from “The Rock” was soooo awesome! Seeing Connery behind the wheel of that H1 makes my day! haha!

  3. admin Says:

    Autoblog gets all the credit on the photo — and it’s additions.

  4. offroader613 Says:

    might want to remove the video thing because it says “this video has been removed due to terms of use violation”

  5. admin Says: