Hummer H1 to Make Return in 2010

Hummer H1
We don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but Motor Trend’s Truck Trend just released an article saying they heard “there may be some plans in the works to bring back another Hummer H1 by 2010.” This would be exciting news – but we’re going to wait until we hear more about it to get TOO excited. We realize we’re only pulling out one line on the entire article to focus on, but we feel it’s pretty important! The Hummer H1 ended production in June 2006 due to low sales volume.

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  1. Wow, cant wait to see what happens, Love the Hummer H1, really really really hope that they bring it back!

  2. I want the hummer h1 to come back SOOOOOOOOOO bad please come back!!!

  3. This is awesome news ! The hummer H1 is such a awesome rig and its a true american made beast,so lets just pray 2 god it come backs 2 stay !

  4. Whooooosh! I need one of these well rounded Off-roaders and will wait till the 2010 model bounces up. I pray they make a quick return this year because I’m so much in love with them. Can’t wait either!