Hummer H2 Serves as Traveling Memorial

Fri, Sep 7, 2007

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Hummer H2 Remember The Fallen

“A soldier only dies if they are forgotten,” is the motto that inspired Chris Veit to create – a website that acts as a memorial to those who have given their lives serving our country. Users can submit images, news stories, and other information on fallen soldiers to help preserve their memory. To help gain awareness for RTF campaign, Veit travels across the country in a specially equipped Hummer H2 with patriotic graphics decorating the exterior. Check out the progress of their cross country RTF Hummer tour on the trip blog. Be sure to check out RTF’s MySpace page too. If you happen see Veit and the Hummer on the road – give them a honk and a thumbs up – it’s great to see this kind of passion!

Hummer H2 Remember The Fallen

One Response to “Hummer H2 Serves as Traveling Memorial”

  1. georgieboysobota Says:

    there, you dont see any memorial jeeps do you, noooo