Project H3 Gets Interior Protection from WeatherTech

One of the most common accessories for truck and SUV owners are floor mats – especially owners in northern climates, those that use their trucks for work or play, or have children who are amused by the eruption caused by squeezing a juice box all over the backseat. We’ve seen several floor protection options from several manufacturers, and will break down why we chose the DigitalFit mats from WeatherTech for our HUMMER H3.

The standard factory carpet mats are what we originally had in our H3, and carpet is inherently susceptible to becoming stained by mud or salt – and cleaning out a tan HUMMER floor after an off-road event can be a nightmare.

We’ve also tested some mats from Husky Liners, which look pretty good to start, but over time started to warp/wrinkle and the overall fitment and appearance began to suffer.

HUMMERRubberMudderMatsThe factory HUMMER “rubber mudder” mats look good and have a deep tread (pictured right). We actually found the tread to be a little distracting, catching our heel between pedals on several occasions. While it shouldn’t be considered a safety concern compared to Toyota’s massive floor mat recall, it proved to be quite annoying.

Then we found the DigitalFit mats from WeatherTech. The team at WeatherTech actually takes digital measurements of the truck’s interior dimensions, hence the name. This allows the mat to align perfectly to the moldings and hardware in the H3 – a much different approach than some manufacturers who just have a long list of vehicles their mats will fit.

WeathertechThumbWeatherTech’s mats also have the holes that line up precisely with the H3’s floor mat retainers to prevent sliding.

After repeated washing and being thrown in the cargo area, the mats still look great and fit perfectly.

While we haven’t poured a Big Gulp into any of the mats to test their ability to channel liquids out the door, we can say that the WeatherTech DigitalFit mats are the best looking, best fitting, and most durable mats we’ve ever come across.

The mats will run you a little bit more than your average run-of-the-mill options. The 2006-2010 Hummer H3 Black WeatherTech Floor Liner (Full Set) have been running around $169 and for $119 you can also get the matching cargo area mat (not pictured).

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  1. I have the factory Hummer rubber floor mats and I thought it was just me who had problems with the heel of my foot get stuck in one of the ridges.