HUMMER H3 Makes Diesel Debut in 2009

Hummer H3 France
Don’t get too excited, America – the HUMMER H3 diesel engine available in calendar year 2009 will only be available to international markets. HUMMER’s General Manager Martin Walsh says the diesel engine helps show HUMMER’s commitment to enhance fuel economy, which includes the use of biofuels. Walsh also suggested that the international H3 diesel may be the first step to bringing an H3 diesel engine to the North America. When asked why the diesel wouldn’t be offered in the U.S. sooner, Walsh said emissions concerns had held them back. Even though they won’t be offered in the U.S., don’t be surprised when a few diesel-powered H3s show up on the home soil!

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  1. Hello All im so pleased hummer is finally in Australia. with the Hummer H3, and thought that this was my new vehicle … until i found your pics of the upcoming H3T 🙂 ive got a 4 door 4wd manual transmission pickup atm which is diesel as are a great no. of 4wd’s of all shapes and sizes in Aust. and read your article about the H3 getting a diesel in 2009. Any ideas when the H3T is coming to Aust. and when it will receive a diesel engine? also are the rumours true it’ll be a 3 litre VM V6 ? I’d love to see it coupled to a 6 speed tiptronic style auto transmission so that in the manual mode it cud b held in any gear with torque converter locked at the drivers discretion for both off road control and engine braking as well as highway cruising for economy. And to those who say it cant be done … we have a ’74 35ton euclid dump truck with 6 speed Allison Auto in our quarry that locks the torque converter in all gears once reaching the right parameters ie. engine revs and travel speed for that gear selected… so each time you shift to the next gear it unlocks and builds speed and revs till the torque con. relocks and accelerates in speed again providing very good fuel economy even from a 12V71 GM 2 stroke. hoping for comments back . yours .. murray

  2. Thanks for your comments Murray. There hasn’t been any reports of the H3T going international, but HUMMER is working very hard to become a more global brand. It’s a good question, and I’ll ask about it when I meet with the HUMMER execs again at the Chicago Auto Show next week.

  3. Thanks very much,Ive test driven the H3 petrol already and loved it! with a diesel and pickup version at keen pricing here in Australia im sure it will give Toyota a huge worry and will convert me for sure ! yours … murray

  4. Hello again Brian, did u manage to ask any of my questions of the Hummer Execs ? Or did information flow over a drink or 2 ? With some further researching i found the H2’s have a 6 speed auto which is great tho it doesn’t seem as versatile as i was hoping ie. torque converter locking up to give the direct drive of a manual climbing and decsending steep hills and walking over logs an rocks off road. Hopefully this will flow on to the H3 and H3T very soon with my modifications of course 🙂 ….. after all the 4 speed auto was available here in the mid ’80’s . murray

  5. Perhaps now that the Chinese own Hummer they will actually do something progressive and bring competitively priced diesels to the US. Usually diesels only come to the US in work trucks with massive penalties, the engines may be a $7,000 option. There’s a real opportunity for a manufacturer to bring a latest technology diesel, like the Passat diesel, to the US. They would clean up.

  6. I just had a Hummer H2 test drive in USA this Nov. 2009.
    And i really hope that Hummer Diesel SUV (8 to 10 seater)4 wheel drive will be introduce in the Phils. this early quarter, 2010.
    A 1000% sure there lots of buyers just waiting to know what co. is the of Hummer H2 and better to publish in the newspaper.
    If i will have this rare opportunity, i would like to be the excl. dealer of Hummer in the Phils. and a 1000% i be the first (1) to OWN a colored “GOLD” HUMMER H2 SUV.